AMTA-SC makes ERMI charity for 2011

Published 01 March 2010

American Massage Therapy Association, South Carolina Chapter named ERMI it's 2011 charity, at their February 20th AMTA-SC board meeting.  The year starts in March 2011, with their Mini-Convention, where a raffle will be held and ERMI will receive all the proceeds.  Throughout the year the chapter will have a donation button on their website, and a link to the  ERMI website.  They will be sponsoring a training in the summer of 2011 with a special rate for their members.  ERMI's Treasurer, Ronda S. Villa, is the 1st VP and Education Chair of the chapter and was very instrumental in getting this significant offer for us.  We hope to have a long term relationship with AMTA-SC and wish to thank them for their contribution.